edynamic’s blend of technology expertise and strategic, creative thinking makes us an ideal partner for clients looking to implement or improve their social media and community strategies. We can help you build your social and community infrastructure from the ground up, through to implementation and integration with your existing digital solutions.

Why eDynamic

Ideal Partner

Our combination of creativity, strategic thinking, best-fit technologies and best-practice delivery methods allows us to deliver high-value, business-critical solutions, including social and community platforms, to enterprises worldwide

Global Delivery Model

With offices in North America, UAE and India and an optimum combination of local and offshore teams, we provide around-the-clock execution of time-critical initiatives

Expert Team

We have the experience, expertise, and technology partnerships to help you make your social and community platform goals a reality

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edynamic is a Telligent Strategic Partner. Our certified Telligent developers and extensive .NET expertise enables to deliver best practices and optimal approaches for Telligent solutions, encompassing the entire Telligent lifecycle, including roadmap, consulting, strategy, and implementation.

In addition, our extensive experience with digital solutions enables us to integrate Social and Community platforms with complementary platforms such as Sitecore, Eloqua, and Microsoft Sharepoint.

We have helped clients leverage all the best known social platforms, including:

Yammer, Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, TechSoup, SlideShare, GoodSearch, Creative Commons, and many more more >


With end-to-end services for social media and community platforms, we have expertise in the following areas:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Implementation
  • Digital Ecosystem
  • Managed Services
  • Develop enterprise level infrastructure, including moderation, security and permissions
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We help you develop and deploy social and community platforms that improve engagement both internally and externally, including:

  • Employee communities
  • Customer communities
  • Partner communities
  • Feedback Communities for ideation
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